Tuesday, 10 February 2015

So I am still playing the satellites to the UKIPT in Nottingham . A few thing are clear though  I think and that is

1 -  I have had a shed load of variance recently . I am not sure but poker stars throws up its fair share of River action . I seem to be on the receiving end of some impossible calls . The good thing is , is that I know I have been getting it in with the best hand that's for sure . It does become a little disheartening though

2 - I must select my games more thoughtfully . I won an £8 satellite to a £55 rebuy . I didn't really wan to play this and then had to add on for £50 I went out soon after whilst in reasonable position purely due to lack of concentration

3 - I am bleeding money due to game selection . Sometimes I enter a competition through boredom and end up just throwing my chips away . I will over the next few weeks create a structured plan to play .

So I have had a few success's n the 50 / 50 sngs on pokerstars and entered a E75 on the DTD skin and came in 192nd out of 1700 just in the money . So I think the future is looing ok just need some structure . Will try and get holdem manager or poker tracker downloaded so I can review my tourney play with a coach once I have enough stats

Chat soon

Friday, 30 January 2015

UKIPT - Tourney - Update

So the Jan Tournament has come and gone - Must say I was keeping a close eye on the updates on the PokerStars blog. All very interesting.

My best result in the qualifying tourneys was a third place £300 for a £5 satellite which was just shy of the £770 entrance fee. I think I was eliminated with AK and then 4 clubs on the board leasd to my exit

The next UKIPT is at Dust til Dawn in Nottingham in April , This is my next target . Progress so far in the PokerStars Satellites has been interesting . I have managed to qualify for 2 Package Qualifiers at £162 each . Although I have been playing in quite a few. The first I got too 3rd with 2 packages on offer for a measly £166 when the package is worth £1400 . Got it all in on a re-reaise with K8 and ran into AA. Severe lack of patience and understanding in this particular situation . Then the Second I managed 5th place again just the 2 Packages on offer . HaHa 3rd place got £60 anyway got it all in with K10 offsuit against A9 suited when on the button. Not sure if this was the best play . Down too less than 10 bbs , so ill have to review this somewhere . Patience was massively improved in this game and certainly paid more attention to whom I was playing and certainly hand selection was very very tight .

Still learning too change gears at these very late stages in a these tourneys , but I am hoping that the experiences in these games will only improve my game . Looking to get Holdem Manager " onto my computer as soon as over the next few weeks

Updates will be following when Im find interesting spots or experiences


Monday, 19 January 2015

Progress so Far

So I have been playing quite a lot  a lot in the small UKIPT tournaments
Working on the satellites . I have only made it too 2 or the main qualifiers and from there the best so far was a 5th place when 4 qualified . I was a little upset about this and then again last night I got knocked out in satellite when I went all in with AK suited against 1010 It was against the chip leader and only person who could knock me out so I am pretty sure that was a big mistake

Also looking to upload Holdem Manager asap , Security Software seems to be a problem though   

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Playing Again

Pokerstars , Posts to follow

Monday, 20 August 2012

Playing Again

So after a pretty long time I have now started playing poker again .Ill go into more detail about the reasons why I stopped if I can remember , But I have now started playing in the satelites to the ukipt on Pokerstars and am enjoying it at the moment

So here we go again

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Still Here - I Know its been a long time

Still Here - I Know its been a long time

Thursday, 30 December 2010